Wednesday, November 28, 2007


long time no post.
had been lazy to :X
but i post this to say that SINGNET simply SUCKS -.-
i had problems with my connection nowadays...
the connection comes and goes.
i cant log in into MSN.
the moment i log in, it automatically log out instantly.
what the hell?

called the singnet and they said nothing's wrong.
and they pushed the blame to my modem. what the fuck is that?

i just went to sgforums, quite a lot of people are having the same problem as me.
so whose fault is it?
cant do much with this stupid connection..
and right now, i hope im able to even post this entry.

enough of this..
now im finding a job.. not really.. but just looking out for any.
as you can see, im still .... 15.. years.. old... now.. until 26th Dec
so im at a disadvantage :(
im not even allowed to play pool that day, luckily that person said i looked mature, and she let me in. lol

im bored..
anyone wanna jio the jobless me out??
ByeBye :D

Loving OOrangee @ 3:53 PM

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

what a tiring day.
woke up at 6+ today -.-
just for a one-hour POA paper.
so.. the paper was alright.. not that difficult, but cant say its easy too.. crap.

after the paper, went home bathe and got ready.
going out with zude huwei yongfeng
we meet at woodlands.. i was late again xD
felt so guilty.. lol

we went amk hub first.
shop shop.. doesnt seem much to shop compared to the first time i went there.. dunno why xD
then we decided to go for pool :D
none of us are good at it lols.
zude and yongfeng is new to it..
we played for about nearly 2 hours, and left.
had lunch and went to bugis.
huwei bought a bag.
coincidence, he is served by zhiyao. haha
laobu told me to buy clothes for saturday's wedding dinner.
but i just cant find an appropriate one.
we shop till nearly 6pm?
we took bus straight from bugis to woodlands.
its a long bus trip xD
i fell asleep :X

zude and huwei alighted at marsiling first.
then me and yongfeng at cwp.
yongfeng took bus home.
but i went cwp to shop for my streetsoccer boots.
hoping to find one.
walk halfway, decided to head back home.
i was damn sleepy |-)

just finishing bathing.
now my legs are sort of aching xD
alrights.. gonna go to sleep now.
tml going for soccer with zude they all.
ByeBye :D

Loving OOrangee @ 7:55 PM

Monday, November 12, 2007

so tomorrow's 4e4's last paper - POA P1
well, not for some of them, who dropped the subject.
its nearly 11pm right now, but i havent study a bit for the paper.
it may be a short MCQ paper, but it still requires some studying.
dont expect me to bring a dice.
furthermore, a dice have six faces, and the MCQ options only have 4.
okay.. im crapping xD

everyone was at a holiday mood.
but it seem no better during school days..
just that the word "homework" is not there anymore in our dictionary.
but anyway, even if there is homework, most of us wont even touch it. lol

thats all.
ByeBye :D

Loving OOrangee @ 10:48 PM

Saturday, November 10, 2007

went partyworld today.
with loren bec apple richmond dingcheng
they had a good time listening to my beautiful singing.
lol jkjk

loren bec apple reach there first.
followed by me and dingcheng.
richmond was late, and apple left early -.-

we sang from 4+ till 7.30
sang till throat bursts.
my throat really hurts now lols

then went to have dinner at foodcourt.
dingcheng went home first.
so loren bec richmond and me went ourselves.
saw samuel and ruiling there.

after that bec wanted to buy something from popular.
so i decided to buy jay's album. erm.. actually its my own album, lols.
cost me ~$19

went home after that.
and here i am blogging now (:
alrights.. stopping here.
oh yeah btw, ManUtd is doing well! jiayous!
ByeBye :D

Loving OOrangee @ 10:04 PM

Friday, November 09, 2007

its a hot topic nowadays..
common phrases,"O levels 完 liao!","can play liao!","Can throw away my books liao!"
yeah.. cant believe that Os are over..
i mean its like so fast eh..
thinking about the moment when i first step in Woodlands Ring Sec School..
surrounded by big,tall guys.. lol
and boom! now, im about to say goodbye to WRS. in fact, ive already graduated from the school.
sometimes i hope that i can remain in secondary school life.. haha

MY 'O's arent over yet.
i still have POA P1.
i almost forget about it!
its a short paper..
so.. yeah.. its no much difference..
i think ill stick to " Os ARE OVER! "

maybe i should talking about my 'O' level exam, instead of the aftermath.
lets see...

18 October
starting with science practical..
i think its a pretty well done.
correct for all the chemistry questions. physics.. mr see says a straight line is correct too. hope so.

24 october
chemistry paper, eh.. sucks.
i studied for it for about 2 weeks? and all the questions that came out were like 1/10 of what ive studied over the 2 weeks?
damn it.. lol
but overall its still quite good. most of the questions discussed, i got it correct.

25 October
a pretty well done too.
but what i scared is that i wrote a whole lot of words, but its all wrong. thats what always happen to me.

29 October
then english P1 P2 and maths P1
the most stressful day.
3 consecutive papers, plus they are the 3 most important papers. am i right?
english was okay.. i aimed for B4 at most xD
it sounds impossible to me.
maths.. was okay..

30 October
maths P2
i can only say that I SCREWED UP
a lot of ppl says its easy. but i thought otherwise. WHY?!
i think i had at least 20 marks gone T.T
damn damn damn.

31 October
one word - easy.
but it also means more difficult to score well.
since we are also competing with the sec 3s higher mother tongue candidates. xD
after the papaer discussed answers with weiting and steph.
most of my answers are correct ;P

1 November
one question - Why the hell did they put P2 way way way before P1 ????
since P2 needs way way way more time to study than P1 ????
for P2..
same case as chemistry.
i studied 3 accounts. none of it came out.
haha. yeah its funny.
but i still think ill pass.
i only aimed for pass, since i dont intend to include it in my L1R4, but i need it in case i want to join business course. xD

2 November
physics P2
eh.. dont quite remember how is it..
i think its quite a well done too.

5 November
Social Studies.
its the first time in 4 years i felt that doing SS is easy.
this time, i really feels that i can do well in SS more than in POA. :X
hope so hope so :D
but still, SS isnt about writing full 5 pages of words. its about writing well.
you can write 10 pages of words but just obtained only a few marks. haha

6 November
science MCQ and D&T
science is a thumbs up.
after the paper, everyone was like WWOOOO YEEEAAHH WWOOO, except for the D&T students. lol
and for the D&T.
its damn difficult..
its the paper that i do not have confidence.
but partly is because i didnt study well for it.
i think im being too complacent.. but i didnt expect it to be this hard.
everyone was like sighing after the paper. lol
i just wish to get 60/100 for theory. that will be good enough.

thats all before POA P1.
sorry, quite a lot of shit written.
plans after Os are to work, play, sleep!
stop here for now.
wanted to write more, but i think its enough. lols

for the NA students. jiayous!
ByeBye :D

Loving OOrangee @ 9:29 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2007

hehehe.. im back
forget about me stating that the previous post will be the last post, because im really BORED now..
i know what you're thinking. - why is an 'O' level student complaining that he's bored, when he should be studying?
yeahyeah i know..
2 days from now will be a stressful day.. english paper 1 and 2, and maths paper 1.
the day drags until 4pm x.X
so today, a fucking saturday, i went to school early in the morning to revise maths..
came back home and continue to do some maths..

now im very afraid of the oncoming english paper.
its long since i last wrote a compo.
yeah.. so maybe i should go and practice some writing.. a simple one will do.. to keep myself familiarised..
thats all bah..
this short little post had kept my mind thinking for at least 10 mins..
ByeBye :D

Loving OOrangee @ 4:25 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2007

just changed a new blogskin.
found it quite some time ago le, but didnt have the time to change it.
yeah.. its orange again. hahas

so.. my first paper is in just a few days time.
Sometimes i hoped that i have more time to prepare, but at the same time, i hope to finish 'O'levels fast, 速战速决.
if possible, wish me good luck. help me pray will even be better.
Thanks ;)
Goodluck to all my 'o'level peers!

this will be my last post before 'O'levels.
ByeBye :D

Loving OOrangee @ 2:59 PM

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